Making ice cream rolls at home

Making ice cream rolls at home


You can make the latest wedding food fad, ice cream rolls, in your own home. Ice cream rolls are made by thawing ice cream  and then freezing it while you roll it into a new shape. This is made possible with the help of dry ice. The dry ice cools the batter so quickly that you can roll the ice cream almost immediately after placing it on your work surface. This way, you create the perfect roll.


Before you can create your own ice cream rolls at home, there are some tools you will need to have ready before you start. You need a metal pan or working surface that you can safely put dry ice directly under. Be careful when doing this, dry ice can burn your skin. You can find metal pans that work well for this in a cooking store or online. Next you will need an ice cream spade. This should also be metal. An ice cream spade is flatter than a scoop which is what you need to make the ice cream roll properly. You can play around with different shapes of ice cream spades, but the flatter the better.

Ice cream batter

If you’re going to put in the effort to make ice cream rolls at home, you might as well make your own ice cream batter. It’s incredibly easy and cheap to do at home and offers many benefits when creating ice cream rolls. There are countless recipes you can follow online, some of them only containing 2 ingredients. Using store bought ice cream is not always the best option. For some reason, ice cream batter that has been previously frozen and thawed doesn’t roll as well as fresh ice cream batter. Not to mention the great taste of homemade ice cream.

Rolling the ice cream

You have everything needed to create ice cream rolls. Time to roll the batter. To do this, pour some of the batter over your work surface. The dry ice should start freezing the batter immediately, so you will want to work quickly. If you let the batter freeze too much before you start rolling, it will not create a roll shape. Instead, you will get shards or chunks of ice cream. These aren’t as appealing. After you create your first roll, there is going to be excess batter left on the work surface. It is recommended to roll this batter too, rather than removing it to thaw again. If you don’t move fast enough, the rolls following the first may not come out as nice.


Now you can create your own ice cream rolls at home. You will find that it’s more difficult than it looks, or that it’s extremely fun to do in your free time. No matter what you end up creating with your batter, it is going to taste delicious. If you want to get serious about creating ice cream rolls at home, invest in high-quality equipment. This will make rolling easier and give you better results.

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